The Ultimate Outdoor Chopsticks Limited sale

※1 Folding chopsticks, 20-23 cm in length and size when stored (according to our research in 2020)

Storage Size

World's smallest ※1

Storage size, 141 mm

Shorter and thinner than a ballpoint pen.

Thickness, only 6 mm

Thickness Comparison (approximate)


QUTLERY pipe diameter: 6 mm / 5 mm

Ballpoint pen: 8 mm

Pencil: 7.2 mm

Disposable chopsticks (cedar):

   4 mm at the tip / 6 mm at the end

Weight, less than 21g

When using chopsticks, the one you move (5 mm) is lighter and less straining on your fingertips, so it actually feels the same as about 18 g of chopsticks.

Weight comparison (approximate)


QUTLERY chopsticks: 20.5 g

Stainless steel hollow chopsticks: 24 g

Natural wood chopsticks (ebony): 28 g

Company A Folding chopsticks: 26 g

Company B Folding chopsticks: 30 g





Of course, when it comes to chopsticks, ease of use is important.

Will not roll.

No chopstick rest required.


A square frame that is "easy to hold", "stable", and "rigid" is used for the handle, so it does not roll even in an unstable place.


The tip is designed to float,

so it is hygienic to place directly on the table.


Small things, of course

Slippery things and

Soft things are also easy to grab.

And there is no such thing as conventional chopsticks.

Pursuing the ultimate in eating comfort.

Delicious food, delicious chopsticks.

The reason for this is " mouth feel".

Actually, there is very little.

For example

Poor palate feel with disposable or resin chopsticks...

Coldness felt with metal chopsticks...

The cause is the thickness of the chopstick tips.

QUTLERY was inspired by "sashimi chopsticks",

which could not be done with conventional chopsticks.

  • Thin
  • Smooth
  • Uniformity

The chopstick tip is 1.5 x 2.3 mm.
This is less than half the thickness of a standard chopstick tip.
This eliminates the uncomfortable feeling in your mouth as much as possible.

So you can experience the ultimate mouth feel.

Why was it so difficult to achieve with conventional chopsticks?

The thinner the chopstick tip, the easier it is to break. On the other hand, if you try to make them stronger, they become heavier, but if they are heavier, they are more difficult to use. For example, if you eat with a pair of chopsticks weighing 40 g (20 g per serving), your fingers get tired very quickly.


A pair of chopsticks must be both strong and light to be practical.


  • Patent Pending Special Structures
  • Precision machining / polishing with 0.1mm accuracy
  • Durable/deformation resistant special alloys

 By using these features, we have achieved "durability for years of use" and "lightness of less than 21 grams per serving". In addition, it is hard to get dirty and easy to remove, so it can be cleaned just by wiping it lightly with water after use. It can also be used in a dishwasher without any problems, so it can be used as a daily use with the product assembled.

Incidentally, "wooden (lacquered) chopsticks" and "folding chopsticks with a wooden tip" are not recommended to be used in a dishwasher and have a lifespan of about one year.

Connect the chopsticks  "skewer" mode!

Let's put up the markers "picks" mode!!

Extra Playfulness

Made in JAPAN


The One and Only Chopsticks



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