Square Pipe Cutlery "QUTLERY" / 角パイプ型のカトラリー"QUTLERY"


This is a 120mm long cutlery stored in a square pipe. 長さ120mmの角パイプに収納できるカトラリーです。


This is a 120mm long cutlery stored in a square pipe.



We are looking for crowdfunding for the Stainless Steel "S6 Series" and "S8 Series".

今回のクラウドファンディングでは、ステンレス製の「S6 series」と「S8 series」を募集します。 

The QUTLERY "6 Series" is a lightweight, small-scale model that fits in 6mm tubes. It includes three pieces: a Steak Knife, Fork, and Chopsticks.

QUTLERYの「6 series」は、6mmのパイプを利用して小型・軽量さを実現したモデルです。「ステーキナイフ」「フォーク」「お箸」の3種類があります。究極的に軽く、小さいカトラリーが欲しい人向けのモデルです。このモデルのフォークは、少し繊細に扱う必要があります。現在開発中の「8 series」は8mmのパイプを利用した、軽さと頑丈さのバランスを取った日常使いモデルです。「ステーキナイフ」「フォーク」の2種類があります。「6 series」のナイフやフォークよりも大きいので、食べやすくなっています。

This Steak Knife was sharpened at the smithing workshop Yoshisada, established 360 years ago in Kyoto, Japan.

Because the craftsmen manually sharpen them one by one, the end result has all the beauty of a Japanese sword.

Although it is small in size it is incredibly sharp. It is of course capable of cutting through steak, and it can even cut through a cob of corn.

Should its sharpness ever begin to dull, it can be restored using any commercial knife sharpener.


The Fork's tongs are packed like a spring and designed to expand. When you want to put it away, you compress them with your fingers to fit back into the pipe.

The spread of the tongs makes it great for salads, and makes it easy to twirl pasta onto. It is very convenient for eating.


The Chopsticks contain an extra tube and tip section inside. Once assembled they can be used as normal chopsticks.

The process can be reversed to store them. You first disassemble them and combine the pipes, then you place the tips in on opposite ends.


 The Chopsticks are made up of a combined 6mm pipe and 5mm pipe. They are designed for the thicker pipe to remain fixed while you move the smaller one.


The slender tips of the Chopsticks are their defining trait, and have a pleasing texture. Even though they are thin they can handle soft foods like tofu without issue, which compliments their ease of use.


The ends stay off the table no matter how you place them down, so they remain sanitary even when you don't have a chopstick rest on hand.


Furthermore, by combining the two Chopsticks you can create a skewer. Perfect for roasting marshmallows!

The thermal conductivity of Stainless Steel and Titanium are only a fourth of iron, and a tenth of aluminum, so they stay cool to the touch even when used as skewers.

*Although they can be used as skewers, placing them in fire for an extended period of time may risk deformation.






S6 & S8 ( prototype )


The steak knives are made by blacksmiths in Kyoto. If there is a large order, processing may be delayed. If it's going to be late, we will process it in other blacksmith factories in Japan. For example, Sakai (Osaka), Seki (Gifu) and Tsubame-Sanjo (Niigata) are famous production areas for Japanese swords and kitchen knives. Don't worry, the quality won't go down. :-) In the unlikely scenario that unexpected delays arise, we will maintain clear and open lines of communication with our supporters to keep them informed. ステーキナイフは、京都の鍛冶職人が作っています。もし大量の発注があると、加工が遅れる可能性があります。 もし遅れる可能性があるのであれば、日本のその他の鍛冶工場で分散して加工致します。例えば、堺(大阪)、関(岐阜)、燕三条(新潟)など日本刀や包丁で有名な産地です。品質が下がることはないので安心してください。 万一、予期せぬ遅延が発生した場合には、支援者の皆様への情報提供のため、明確かつオープンなコミュニケーションを維持します。